Our Founder

Todd Stockwell is a high level initiate in the Brotherhood
and Sisterhood of Light. He is an initiated Ritual Master,
Master Teacher and Master Guide as well as initiated Celtic,
Egyptian, and Native American Shaman.  
Todd is a Multi-dimensional healer, trainer,
and miracle maker whose work is unparalleled.  
He is known by many as the foremost expert on
the evolution of the human consciousness,
which is happening right now on the planet.
He teaches us how to be truly connected
so we may all succeed in this changing world.

Call (734)740-9110 and transform your life today!

Todd Stockwell is an expert at finding what works for companies
and individuals. He has helped individuals reach goals that were
unreachable and even unimaginable before.
With Todd, athletes, actors, musicians and professionals have reached their own personal bests.  
Individuals have found their divine path and now live a joyful and empowered life.

Todd is an artist, an award winning writer, a songwriter,an inventor, a leader, and a loving father.  
Todd is very humble and is in true service as anyone who has worked with him will attest.  
Todd has a Doctor of Divinity,
a M.S. in Leadership and Training and
a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Michigan.
Todd has over 20 years of healing, empowerment work and training
and over 20 years of coaching and
consulting experience, and five years of experience
working with persons with developmental disabilities.

"Todd has the gift of creating a climate in which you can expand your sense of who you are and how
connected you are -- well beyond what you might have imagined possible."    -Cele, H.

The PowerBeyond Programs
Reaching new limits
Finding your true self
Becoming more than you ever imagined
and being who you are meant to be.  

There are many projects currently underway including books, Movies,
Centers to be Built, Meditation Cd's, Musical Cd's, and many other collaborative Events.

If you would like to take part or would like to sign up or donate, call today or donate below.
Todd Stockwell