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35335993 - receiving healing


Todd has worked globally as a Teacher and Spiritual Coach and has trained some of the most powerful leaders, guides, master teachers and healers in the world.

From the highest to a beginning level, Todd can assisted you to reach your own personal bests, find your divine path and live a joyful and empowered life.

As a Master Healer, Todd has worked with hundreds of individuals to bring about a more balanced state in their physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

See a list of his services below and feel free to email or call with any questions or to book a session.


  • Higher Self Anchoring
  • House and Business Clearing
  • Infinite Chakra Awakening
  • Multi-dimensional Cord Cutting
  • Multi-dimensional Core Empowerment
  • Multi-dimensional Core Healing and Empowerment
  • Personal Consulting
  • Private Empowerments
  • Private Sessions
  • Removal of Negative Structures
  • Spiritual Teaching
  • Personal Business Success