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Beyond1111 | TRAININGS:
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Training’s are reserved for students that have taken Todd’s classes or programs and have already begun their journey to connected with the higher realms.

If on your travels, you have already connect with the higher realms and wish to work with a Master Teacher, you are invited you to contact Todd and discuss your journey.


  1. Beyonder Core Healing Techniques
  2. Core Empowerment Training
  3. Energy Empowerment Training
  4. Fountain of Youth Training
  5. Finding your Path Training
  6. Light Warrior Training
  7. Living an Empowered Life
  8. New Paradigm, New Earth, Now
  9. New Universal Truths
  10. New world Training
  11. PowerBeyond Training
  12. Quant-Om Training
  13. Self Empowerment and Leadership
  14. Success Training
  15. Universal Vortex Training