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Beyond1111 | White Buffalo Ceremony
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White Buffalo Ceremony


White Buffalo Ceremony

Empowerment and Initiation with Master Teacher Todd Stockwell


The White Buffalo Ceremony brings us into the true oneness with all (En Sofic Realm). These energies, from the Source of All Things,

have only become available recently for humanity to work with, in this manner.


We bring this connection so that you may experience this and you are changed forever with a true connection and initiated directly into it.


The area we do the work is forever changed as well.  This experience is ultimate love, joy, and peace. This is truly heaven on earth.


You are a Divine Being here for a Divine Purpose when you are aligned with your purpose your life is Joyous. If you are ready to finally live your purpose and be in the highest service to humanity, working with the highest energies ever available, we have many programs for you.


White Buffalo Ceremony by Todd Stockwell


Initiation to the White Buffalo: 3PM–4PM=$44

*Experience Oneness while Remaining Solidly Grounded.