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Beyond1111 | The New Paradigm with Todd Stockwell Interview
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12-12:45 PM PT – “One on One with Michele.” Host MICHELE MEICHE & her Co-Host Paolo Doro, shares their weekly Soul Insights, Ascension Information as well as answering questions, and doing channeled readings.

What is your Soul’s Purpose & how can you actualize this? What is your role, your path, and what are the signs in your life and in the world telling you? How do you acclimate to the New Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness? In addition to calling into the show, you can also email your questions to be covered on air at

Michele Meiche welcomes our Awakened Guest of the week. Michele dialogues with spiritual teachers, healers, conscious experts, visionaries, awakened leaders, authors, conscious beings and people of all walks of life that are focused on living consciously.

This weeks guest Todd Stockwell is known by many as the foremost expert on the evolution of the human consciousness, which is happening right now on the planet. He teaches us how to be truly connected so we may all succeed in this changing world. He has over 20 years of management and consulting experience, and five years of experience working with persons with developmental disabilities.

He has helped individuals reach goals that were unreachable and even unimaginable before.


Todd Stockwell
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